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Towards the left and into the rightnot a single heart in sight.It’s expensive to be a humanAnd drastic when inhuman. The conflicts are head highriver air: impossibility dry,Sharp cries of woundedgrowing faintIn one’s own homeeveryone is a saint. See, no help is needed nowNo point where, why and how!Tears are caught in between the linessuppressed […]

The sound of time

We were walking the same pathshe- in coloursme- in hues.A path everyone keepstalking about.I steal glances to make sure I’m okayshe glances to make me feel okay.We crossed oceansone heavy with depthAnother heavy under the depth. The intensity with whichone resemble their motheris terrifying.For a few days or so,like the waves we leavethen returnwe always […]

My space

Am I running towards a disasteror turning into one?!Leaving, they say, is the hardest thing to doand easiest after it’s done.Finding oneself is a questa discovery of superior kindI’m not talking aboutfinding a space for me,but finding me.It’s hard in all the glory of worldto be lessto want lessFor, more is glorified,more is expectedmore is […]

Watertight compartments

A house always doeswhat a house should dono matter the cost,for the benefits are worth. A high wall, a decorated lawnPretty to look athard to be seen.A tall gate, beautiful coloursStone-cold beautyImpregnable. Empty marblesIndeed a marvel!A graveyard waiting for allto join in,Can’t claim all the land.Why don’t you just live?


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