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Of life and living

Tipsy nights are amusing;A striking fashion of wind.Always the same? not quite.Hibiscus- a quite calm scent,A sent through the oppressed walls.Distance is luxury.More the distance, more the beauty. A lavish scene – tens of buildingsglued together; strangers.Tip-toeing youth“You should walk more”The tiring routine of life“Walk more and live long”. Seldom talking mouths,keen eyes and trembling […]

Sanity is not a Statistics

Life is a journey, they say.In search for wordsin the corners of the world,It seems easy.Unknown vernacular is scatteredon the long forgotten floor.Mist from long lost feet echoes-A language of ancient times. Memory is nothing buta forgotten language.No one other than you can speak it.No one other than you know it.No two people in a […]


I come here to say the exact same thingFor the warmth of your wing,I’m tired of the know-it-all worldof being here, terrified and curled. Poets on the streets say, it’s okayEncouraging us to live another day,Who knows about the next second?Society is crying, stressing over. You see this world will never knowNor do they care […]


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