By Kajal

Hello there, Kajal here! I started blogging in September, 2018. It was purely random as I needed a space to pour my heart and thoughts out. This place is like my safe heaven where I let my fingers and feelings run free to curate poems and to rant about things that are bothering my thoughts. My journey here has been bittersweet and wonderful at the same time. But because of all the love I receive here, I keep coming back to read and to write.You all have been great support and advicers to me and I'm really grateful. Your feedback, emails and comments keep the mermaid inside me going :)

105 replies on “Poem.”

This is really good! You write about the “poem” as if it were the muse. And yes it can be destructive as well as creative. Be careful of it. Don’t let it master you totally. But definitely keep writing more good stuff!

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It was truly brilliant, the rhythm within your verses really set my heart to enlightenment. I got truly mesmerized by you’re remarkable and flamboyant poetry. It had such a nice tinge to it, the tone was approachable and considerate, it had some consequences and some positive side to it. It really changed my outlook to poetry. Hope to seeing more from you. Be sure to read my posts too. Will keep updated to you’re blog,,,,,,

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