I often find myself with the ghosts after the whole world goes to sleep,
The world say those creatures are horrifying
but to my wonder I saw them weep.

It always seems like their darkness is my comfort even though they suck out my light,
My world sometimes seems dull and shallow do they have it bright?

They know the colour of my nightmares and all the words that drag me below,
How the world starts slipping out of my body
whenever I hold on and try to swallow.

Breath by breath I try to walk, not sure about the horizon or meadow,
I was told not to go too far as hell has nothing to offer, now I know.


By Kajal

Hello there, Kajal here! I started blogging in September, 2018. It was purely random as I needed a space to pour my heart and thoughts out. This place is like my safe heaven where I let my fingers and feelings run free to curate poems and to rant about things that are bothering my thoughts. My journey here has been bittersweet and wonderful at the same time. But because of all the love I receive here, I keep coming back to read and to write.You all have been great support and advicers to me and I'm really grateful. Your feedback, emails and comments keep the mermaid inside me going :)

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The darkest ones in terms of soul are usually the most understanding and forgiving alongside accepting due to being haunted within themselves daily by truths of being pure evil within.

I look at demons as psychopaths living in plain sight, some bad some good but each one tormented daily within their own self.

Meaning some have self control and others do not but the craving within is the same for all.

It’s like having an addiction/craving without ever having tried it before which is where many get confused and I simply tied into past life murderers given another chance on Earth.

Basically Joker and Arkham Asylum being released from Hell, which is what social media did, it opened up portals into all our souls, like a giant chest xray.

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Mi trovo spesso con i fantasmi dopo che tutto il mondo va a dormire,
Il mondo le chiama creature orribili
ma con mia meraviglia le vidi piangere.

Sembra sempre che la loro oscurità sia il mio conforto anche se risucchiano luce
Il mio mondo a volte sembra noioso e superficiale lo hanno mai visto luminoso?

Conoscono il colore dei miei incubi e tutte le parole che mi trascinano giù.
Come il mondo inizia a scivolare fuori dal mio corpo
ogni volta che resisto e provo a deglutire.

Respiro per respiro cerco di camminare, non sono sicuro dell’orizzonte o del terreno.
Mi è stato detto di non allontanarmi troppo perché l’inferno non ha nulla da offrire, ora lo so.

traduzione italiana della tua bellissima poesia, la inserirò nella rubrica “Gioielli Rubati” del prossimo 2 febbraio, grazie e saluti dall’Italia


I really enjoyed this. I would like to share it on a poetry site of mine, full credit given of course. I will likely add a photo for presentation (and will indicate it’s not part of the original post). If you have objections to any of this, just let me know. :) Cheers.

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