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Hello beautiful people,
I’m feeling disconnected from blog and this September I’m about to complete 2 years on WordPress.
So to keep me going I invite you for words/ prompts you want me to write on and I’ll  post poems/rants out of them till October.
You can send suggestions by commenting on this post or you can mail the prompts too ( via contact option). I’ll start posting them from next Saturday i.e 08/08/2020. Thank you for your patience and immense love.
I love y’all ❤️

By Kajal

Hello there, Kajal here! I started blogging in September, 2018. It was purely random as I needed a space to pour my heart and thoughts out. This place is like my safe heaven where I let my fingers and feelings run free to curate poems and to rant about things that are bothering my thoughts. My journey here has been bittersweet and wonderful at the same time. But because of all the love I receive here, I keep coming back to read and to write.You all have been great support and advicers to me and I'm really grateful. Your feedback, emails and comments keep the mermaid inside me going :)

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Your blog and posts have been impressive! What you say ranting is truly undervaluing some of your most sensible posts!! Keep writing and the followers are always there to egg you on and support you with valuable comments and suggestions! Looking forward to 08th August!!

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Why keep going? I have adding different thoughts on WordPress for nearly 11 years. I started with articles and essays. I was a bit esoteric and intellectual but I got to express what was important to me at the time. I guess I was feeling “unheard” and “u-listened-to” when I started writing poetry and then haiku. In 2.5 years I have written nearly 5,600 haiku. I “fell out” in March when illness took over my life. Even now, the prognosis dogs me and has me dwell on the dark side at times. 5even that is worth writing about. Besides look at what you have accomplished. So many people wish they could attract 5,700 followers. I am just breaking 580, and I am glad and grateful a few people like my stuff. You must be writing somethings valuable. If nothing else, write about discouragement;)

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Hello! I hope you’re doing great.
I’m sure you’ll bounce back again.
How about writing regarding this very situation of zoning out from our blog once in a while which happens to all of us?
Take care 🙃

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This is great. I was thinking about doing a similar thing. I am going through my journals and writing a list of all these keywords for phrases that jump out at me. Then, I am going to challenge myself to write something for each one. I am excited to see where this journey takes you! My first word for you is “Limitless”.

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This is a great idea to help with getting back to writing! It’s fun to write to other peoples’ prompts, too.

‘The first cell in the sea’.

‘We found a vaccine!’.

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