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Watertight compartments

A house always doeswhat a house should dono matter the cost,for the benefits are worth. A high wall, a decorated lawnPretty to look athard to be seen.A tall gate, beautiful coloursStone-cold beautyImpregnable. Empty marblesIndeed a marvel!A graveyard waiting for allto join in,Can’t claim all the land.Why don’t you just live?

Of life and living

Tipsy nights are amusing;A striking fashion of wind.Always the same? not quite.Hibiscus- a quite calm scent,A sent through the oppressed walls.Distance is luxury.More the distance, more the beauty. A lavish scene – tens of buildingsglued together; strangers.Tip-toeing youth“You should walk more”The tiring routine of life“Walk more and live long”. Seldom talking mouths,keen eyes and trembling […]

Sanity is not a Statistics

Life is a journey, they say.In search for wordsin the corners of the world,It seems easy.Unknown vernacular is scatteredon the long forgotten floor.Mist from long lost feet echoes-A language of ancient times. Memory is nothing buta forgotten language.No one other than you can speak it.No one other than you know it.No two people in a […]


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