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Home.Comfort to sometrigger warning to others.I know you hate my generationThe self labbedWoke peopleWho are drunk on one side of a story.I am a generationThe one who is totallyFailing at being whatWe’re to be.You take pride inDensely packednervous buildingsglued together with curiosity,not hope.And call this a living.You and I havedifferent understandings of home.I have seen […]


We talk about grassthe way one talks about earth.You can argue thatit’s the same thingbut honey, it’s not. Earth is the one who nurtures,lets the life growout of itand have enough strengthto support life.Earth is a mother’s womb,heart of a father,The eyes of the couple won’t/can’t be convinced.Grass is life.It can’t grow on its own,It […]

Colour of beach bark

She smelt like the old storiesThe Ones my mother sang,her huge house was a shella garden, lacking only a spring. She told us talesof people who left her behind,I was in awe of all that she hadAnd what she didn’t. Her daughter was of my ageA pretty face and fragile hands,A girl, surrounded by peopleA […]


Writing is coolWords in my tired headTo read is to live


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